Mortgage Services with a Focus on Your Goals, Objectives and Priorities

The mortgage is inherently a financial product. Therefore, the mortgage strategy used by a homeowner or homebuyer carries financial consequences that impacts their life .

Platinum Mortgage Advisors is a boutique mortgage brokerage committed to the advanced art of mortgage planning. Our advisors have over 40 years combined experience in real estate, finance, Law and taxation. Platinum Mortgage Advisors creates a unique customized real estate plan for each client.

Our goal is to accelerate each client’s progress towards achieving their goals. We work with each client and the other members of their financial team to incorporate their real estate holdings into their wealth building strategies.

Our objective is to show clients how to use a mortgage as a strategic tool to grow wealth. Simply, Platinum Mortgage Advisors is a relationship-oriented company, not a transaction-based company. Our clients come to us for more than just a rate quote on a loan. They seek professional guidance on making one of the biggest and most important decisions of their lives. By taking the time to analyze the clients’ current life situation, financial habits, and future goals, we build a mutually beneficial relationship based on trust before we make any recommendations.

We then develop a strategic plan to properly manage a client’s biggest asset (real estate) and biggest debt (a mortgage). By looking at the whole financial picture; immediate needs coupled with short and long-term financial goals, we then recommend the optimal structure to meet the client’s budget, maximize investments and minimize income taxes.