Platinum Mortgage Advisors is a California Mortgage Broker. We represent dozens of national, regional and local lenders in order to find the best fit for our clients. Through this network of lenders, we are able to shop your loan request, offer competitive pricing and a wide range of purchase and refinancing options for our clients. Our goal is to provide the best mortgage solution to fit your unique needs, we are not a one size fits all lender.

We consciously made a decision to maintain our independence as a true mortgage broker, this autonomy allows us to work in our clients best interests, we are not limited in the products we can offer our clients, we don’t have sales quotas and are not limited by the bureaucracy and artificial rules and regulations implemented by some of the larger single solution lenders, we work for you.

We evaluate your loan application and place it with the lender that has the highest probability of being approved at the lowest rate and fee structure. This brokerage service does not cost extra and in many instances, the lender pays our commission on the loan.

Each Bank or Lender has their own cost structure to originate and close a mortgage loan, each financial institution has their own expectations and forecasts on the interest rate environment, resulting in the same interest rate to have different cost structures at the various lenders. As much as the government has tried to make interest rates a commodity, there still can be wide swings in what a borrower pays for his rate between lenders. Part of my job is to identify the lender that offers your desired rate at the lowest fee structure at the time you are ready to proceed with a loan application.

Steve Loomis – Broker

William Matz – Broker Associate